Call (210) 585-2775 for a FREE analysis of your rental property.

Call (210) 585-2775 for a FREE analysis of your rental property.

How to Find Good Tenants for Your Rental Property in San Antonio TX

If you are like most landlords we know, you want to find good tenants for your rental property in San Antonio TX. After all:

  • An excellent tenant pays rent on time.
  • High-quality tenants inform you promptly of maintenance needs.
  • Fantastic tenants leave your property just as lovely as it was when they moved in.
  •  A great tenant will often stay[...]

Lease Only, or Full Service? an Expert Property Manager in San Antonio Has Both!

Finding Your Perfect Property Management Match

When choosing to rent out your investment property, one of the most important decisions you’ll make is whether or not to partner with an expert property manager. After you've decided to partner with a property manager in the San Antonio area, you'll need to determine how you will use their[...]

Looking to Invest in San Antonio Property? Preparation is Key!

Purchasing a rental property in San Antonio can be a sound investment, but you want to make sure you’re prepared for what investing in rental real estate can mean for your budget and your responsibilities. Reading through these seven tips, you should be able to evaluate your ability to move forward with your investment dreams and likewise know[...]

Rental Property Maintenance: It’s All About Being Prepared

Converse, TX is a great place to manage a rental property, but it can be disastrous if you don’t have all of your ducks in a row when it comes to maintenance.  Owning a single unit property usually means the renter will take on some general maintenance such as lawn care, but the repairs and emergency issues still fall on you.

That’s why you[...]

Pros and Cons of Pets in Your Rental Property and How to Screen Them

Managing an investment property in Alamo Heights can be very rewarding, but it also comes with some unique challenges.  One of those challenges is whether you will allow pets on the property and what kind.

Knowing how to screen for pets can be tricky, though less so if you manage a single home or small multi-residential unit.  There’s also the[...]

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