Wedding Bells in Selma? an Expert Property Manager Can Rent That Spare Home!

Two Homes, Two Rings, Two Hearts—One Rent!

Boy owns a house, and boy meets girl. Girl already has house—marriage. What do you do when you're lucky enough to be the proud owners of TWO white picket fences? You can, of course, consider the stress involved with trying to sell your home—and all the work that comes with it. After all, selling a[...]

An Expert Property Manager in San Antonio Knows How to Retain Tenants

Tenant Retention—the Right Way

One of the most costly items facing San Antonio property owners when it comes to their rental properties is a vacancy. When a property is left vacant, the property owner is left to cover any costs without a steady income. Making sure your tenants are satisfied with your rental will keep them from searching for[...]

Lease Only, or Full Service? an Expert Property Manager in San Antonio Has Both!

Finding Your Perfect Property Management Match

When choosing to rent out your investment property, one of the most important decisions you’ll make is whether or not to partner with an expert property manager. After you've decided to partner with a property manager in the San Antonio area, you'll need to determine how you will use their[...]

Is Lowering the Rental Rate the Right Move for YOUR Property?

Property investment in San Antonio can be a great source of passive income or a way to save for retirement, but what happens when your home stays vacant for weeks or months at a time? Often, a property will remain unoccupied because the rental rate is too high: figuring out what rent to charge, even with a single occupancy rental, is more than[...]

Property Management: Investing's Best Kept Secret!

Investing in rental properties can be a great source of income, a way to save for retirement, or diversify your investment portfolio. However, not all properties are ideal for renting. Often, new investors will overlook the cost of investing in a rental home—and we don’t just mean the expenses, but the stress managing a property in Texas can[...]

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