Realtors and Property Managers: A Perfect Match!

Being a realtor is an interesting profession because in many ways it relies on that invaluable old-school business builder: word of mouth.  Having a strong presence online and in print and street media is always crucial, but with every professional interaction, your reputation is at stake.  Building relationships throughout the business,[...]

Real Property Management Wants to Reward You for Your Leads!

Real Property Management wants to team up with realtors to best serve local investors.  We can provide up to minute real estate opportunities that will best fit the need of your client as well as provide numerous benefits as their property manager once they’ve obtained their perfect property.   

Don't Want to Deal with Difficult Tenants? Hire a Property Manager

Dealing with problem tenants is something every landlord will face at some point in time. Many different situations lead to challenges with your tenants, but you should follow these crucial steps which each resident. These include maintaining a respectful and professional environment with your tenants, keeping well documented and organized[...]

Property Managers Decrease Your Risk of Renting Professional Tenants

If you’re not sure what a “Professional Tenant” is, grab some popcorn because they are the horror story waiting to prey on your you and your rental property.  Professional tenants, also referred to as professional renters, are tenants whose goal is to avoid paying rent at all costs.  

These renters know the legal loopholes of renting and will[...]

Can I Benefit from a Property Manager?

 Owning a rental property is a multi-faceted investment.  It can be a low-key side income, an all-encompassing career, or something else along that spectrum.  One of the first things you have to decide is what kind of landlord you’re able to and willing to be.  With that consideration a question will arise: Should I hire a property manager?


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