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Dodge Red Flags: Find the Best Property Management Companies in San Antonio

Not all property managers are the same. As you go through the process of comparing to find the best property management companies in San Antonio, you'll find a wide range of experience levels, business practices, and management styles. It's essential that you find not only a great property manager, but that you find the right property manager for your property portfolio.

If you talk with other property investors, you'll probably hear horror stories about bad experiences they've had with incompetent or corrupt property management. That's something you should never have to deal with. These are the red flags to watch out for that will let you know a property management company is not for you. 

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High Tenant Turnover

Vacancies take money right out of your pocket, and it's absolutely crucial that you work with one of the best property management companies in San Antonio to effectively retain tenants. It may be the single most important job a property manager does. One of the sure signs that a property manager isn't doing their job well is high tenant turnover.

Property managers are responsible for a lot of tasks that should keep tenants happy and satisfiedmaintenance, repairs, conflict resolution—and If tenants don't want to stay in a property long-term, that often means that their needs are not being met. At Real Property Management Campanas, we take pride in managing properties where the average tenant stays for over two years. 

Repeated Owner Complaints

Listen to what investors who have worked with your property management company have to say. Firsthand accounts are the best way to assess how good a job a property management company does. While it's nice to be able to read owner testimonials that affirm a company's quality, it's always a good idea to real the more negative reviews too. 

Be careful about putting too much stock in any single review: anyone can have a bad experience and use the internet to vent about it—but watch out for patterns. If you see multiple owners making the same complaint about a property management company, or if you see that a particular owner had the same issue time and again with no resolution, that's a red flag. It suggests that the property management company in question either doesn't care—or doesn't have the resources to address the issue. 

Lack of Communication

Communication is crucial to building trust. That's why transparency and ease of communication between you and your property management company is absolutely essential. You always need to be kept informed, and should never be in the dark about what's going on in your properties. If your property management company keeps putting you off, won't call you back, or doesn't share the information you need, that's a huge red flag. 

To find the best property management companies in San Antonio, look for a property manager that makes a strong effort to keep you informed and up to date. Information on property activity, including maintenance, vacancies, inspections, leasing, and financial reports, should all be made easily accessible to you at all times. Be very careful about working with any company that doesn't readily share this information. 

Disinterested Attitude

An active interest in your property is one of the key traits to look for in a property manager. Meet with property managers for an in-person interview before hiring them, and pay close attention to the way they interact with you.

  • Do they listen actively?
  • Are they patient and respectful?
  • Do they ask insightful questions?
  • Do they offer helpful suggestions?
  • Do they seem to genuinely care about your properties?

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When you talk with a property manager for the first time, they should be actively interested in your specific needs as the owner of rental properties.

  • One of the biggest red flags to watch out for is a property manager who doesn't care.
  • If they seem disengaged, disinterested, or rude during your interview, they're sure to bring that attitude to the job when they're managing your portfolio.
  • Worse, they'll probably treat your tenants the same way, which is a recipe for failure. 

Best Property Management Companies in San Antonio

With so many property management companies in San Antonio to choose from, it's important to weed out the ones who can't—or won't—effectively manage your properties. Thankfully, you don't have to try and find the right property management partner on your own.

Our team of property management specialists are always eager to answer your questions and offer expert advice on how to find the right property management company to fit your portfolio. At Real Property Management Campanas, we have 25 years of experience managing properties all over the U.S. and right here in the San Antonio area, and we've learned that no two properties are the same.

That's exactly why we put together our FREE guide to finding the best property manager in the San Antonio area! When you download your copy, you'll gain access to a whole host of tips for property investors like you to help maximize your portfolio with the right property management partner.

With the uncertainty thrown our way by the COVID-19 crisis, you can't afford to make the wrong decision when entrusting the care of your portfolio to another. Make sure you pick the right property management partner using our guide!

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