The Top San Antonio Property Updates for Any Budget

The San Antonio area has a growing number of renters each year, which means competition between property owners gets hotter than a ghost pepper! A great way to stay ahead of your rivals is by updating your unit each time it becomes vacant. Wherever you might allow your personal property to show age, your rental unit should be in top form. Not[...]

A How-To Guide for Understanding Property Inspections

When managing rental property in San Antonio, you want to ensure a maintained property for each new tenant. The best way to do this is by conducting property inspections with each new move-in and move-out. 

Using this quick guide, you’ll learn the importance of property inspections, what happens during inspections, the difference between[...]

A Landlord's Guide to Tenant Screening Essentials

The Basic Pieces of the Tenant Screening Puzzle

When conducting a tenant screening, using these pieces will help you form a complete picture of your prospective tenants:

  • Credit check
  • Proof of their current income
  • Background and criminal checks
  • Previous rental history

As a landlord, staying consistent with each of these reports allows you to[...]

Maintenance Made Easy with Real Property Management

Owning a rental property in San Antonio can be a great way to supplement your income, but it can also be way more work than you’re able to devote to make it successful.  The most challenging aspect of managing your own property is maintenance.  

Maintenance seems to seep into every facet of property management: late night phone calls,[...]

The Texas Eviction Process

Managing a property in Selma, Texas can be both rewarding and a burden, especially when it comes to evicting tenants.  No one wants to evict someone, but sometimes it’s unavoidable. Depending on how long you’ve been managing a Selma property you may have run into this already; you know that the eviction process is lengthy, expensive, and[...]

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